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Hello Price Action Traders.


Eur/Usd, in the week just passed, continued to push upwards maintaining a strong attack on 1.3400 resistance level. On 20 August he scored a new high and then pullback and formed a Pin Bar on 1.3200 support. Given the upward movement of the market and the price action trading signal on key level you can try to buy euros with first and look for the next resistance level at 1.3500. After this one the other level  is situated at 1.3650. Even if price is close to the resistance at 1.3400 please does not go against a trend without having true reversal signals.


The forex pair is in a trading range since last April. The two bands are 125.50 support and resistance at 132.70. The price is approaching this area and it is interesting to see what it will do in the next few days to set a trading strategy on this market. A bullish break of resistance could be taken as a possible future new support, and then look for long signals. The patience to wait will pay…


Crude Oil

The Crude Oil market is in a trading range very evident on the daily chart. As you can see below the price is about a month in this situaztion and now is attacking the resistance at 108.00. Very important is to see what will the price do on this level to set a trading strategy. A short signal would give input to sell and get a profit on the channel support at 103.50 while a daily break above 108.00 would confirm a long strategy that could be the continuation of the up move. Wait so …


It’s all for today!

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