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Here i come with the usual weekly trading outlook:


This pair has finally broken to the upside the key resistance at 0.7960 area. For the next week you can expect a long signal right on the retest of this level to board this trend.


The euro has been strongly affected by the words of Draghi who has confirmed the rumors about the unlimited bonds purchase even if sterilized to prevent a possible rising inflation. Eur / Usd is now on resistance at 1.2820 area. We can wait a long signal at 1.2650 area. The most important level of resistance (after 1.2820) is 1.3000 area. This zone, if you take a look at the weekly chart, is the most important point to see bears come back to this market.

S&P 500

The index broke the resistance last week regaining stenght and going to make a new high, which was not touched for 4 years now. For the next week you can expect a long signal in the area close to 1.420.00. The new next resistance is at 1.460.00.


Xag/Usd – Silver

The silver spot has made a strong rally in the last two weeks mainly due to an expectation of QE3 by the Fed and the ECB Draghi’s words. So I would say to look for a long opportunity at $ 32.00 for the next trading sessions. If price continues to go down, the next support level is $ 31.00.

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