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Here i come with the usual weekly trading outlook:


The last session of the last week has left  a price action signal on the daily chart of aud / usd. Inside Bearish Candle off resistance in the short term trend. In this case you can think to go short on the bearish breakout  of 1.0210 area. The target can be found in the 0.9950 area.



The past week the kiwi against the U.S. dollar has left various price action signals on the daily chart. In fact I went short on this market through  a clear Bearish Pin Candle. On Friday, the price has reconfirmed everything and formed one more signal that told me to keep my short deal at market wit no doubts. Short then!


Dow Jones

In the last article written here on the blog last Thursday I mentioned the possibility of a short transaction on Dow Jones Industrial Index Index. This view remains confirmed for the next week. It was formed a clear price action signal on the daily chart through a Pin Inside Bearish Candle showing a clear rejection of the resistance levels. Short then.


Xag/Usd – Silver

As seen in the Weekly Outlook last week the price of silver has confirmed my short view  on the breakout of $ 34.00. In fact, a clear price action signal on the weekly chart  was confirmed by the breakdown of this week and this confirms me the opportunity to see the price of silver at $ 31.00 area in the near future. From there you can look  for a signal to resume the bullish trend of this market.


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