Hello everybody.

Here i come with the usual weekly trading outlook:


The pair is on significant resistance levels on the weekly chart and on support levels on daily chart. The price is now at 1.2350 area, where a long signal would give me the trigger for a buy and a sell signal for a short instead. So i’ll expect a signal on this price  level in the next few days to get on this market.


The couple is weak. Last week, the weekly chart hit important resistance areas on the chart, and now there are signs of weakness. The bearish break of 0.7940 would open the door for a short move so this break could be take as a trigger point to sell euro against cable.

 S&P Index

The price of the S & P index remains and closes above the support area at 1.440.0 points. The break of last thursday’s high at 1.450.0 could bring a significant rise in prices and can be used as a trigger point for entries and ride this strong bullish trend.

Gold – Xau/Usd

Absolutely LONG is the main trend of the Gold. For the week ahead i would wait a buy signal just at $ 1.760.00 where we can find a support area. The break-down of this area could bring the price to $ 1,735.00 where, again, a clear price action long signal would be perfect to get on board with this strong uptrend.

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