Hello Everybody!

Below the performance of the major indexes:

FTSEMIB – 0,33 %

IBEX 35 – 0,37 %

CAC40 – 0,51 %

DAX + 0,11 %

FTSE 100 – 0,56 %

DOW 30 + 0,03 %

S&P 500 + 0,08 %

NASDAQ + 0,13 %

NIKKEI + 0,40 %

VIX + 3,46 % 17,06

Yesterday I talked about my signal on the currency pair Aud / Usd released to my professional community of traders “FX Insider”. Another good trading signal that we are trading is always short AUD but buying the equivalent in Canadian dollars: Aud/Cad. The bearish signal in the trend is giving us already a risk:reward of 1:2 with a stop already moved to profit, so we’re trading with no risk. If you learn how to use price action as simple as I teach in my educational service ( in english very soon!!!) for over two years, trading can become a business like any other one, working with seriousness, obligation and satisfaction.
If you want to keep reading my in- depth outlook of the market you can access to my premium forex signal service and be part of my professional community and then become a true price action naked trader  subscribing to this link:
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